Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stamping Out Winter

The winter gathering of Mid-Missouri Letterboxers drew 15 stalwart boxers on a cold but clear February afternoon. Not to worry -- we had plenty of good food to accompany our letterboxing stories.

The gathering at the home of home of Clyde and Cecile Bentley was short one key member -- Ron Danuser was away at a family gathering with his son. But in his honor, we quaffed several brands of root beer (Ron's favorite congratulary phrase is "You deserve a root beer!)

Oh, but was Ron there in spirit. He sent along a very special prize for our the contest traditonal. He had create a set of 10 boxes that were not yet posted on the Web. The winner would get a one-month lead on finding them.

And who better to win than Jenny Sennot!. JennyJ was the first letterboxer in the Columbia area and continues to be the creator of many of our best boxes.

Or contest was to create some item to stock a special box for children. Small stamps were glued to a child's block. Jenny, Mamaroots and Fox-fyr all carved outstanding stamps and Marie Haskins created a delightful log book. Sandy, Diane, Lorilee and Lucas all contributed goodies for first finders.

Clyde and Cecile will assemble the parts into one or more boxes to be hidden at a site determined later.