Friday, April 30, 2010

Just To Get the Ball Rolling ...

It sounds like we have some interest in a "low key" gathering. I'm going to toss out some ideas just to start a discussion.

How about a picnic/potluck type thing on a Saturday maybe at one of Columbia's parks, Rock Bridge, or? We might want to reserve a shelter. Dates that would work for me are May 22, June 12 or June 19.

I'd really just like to reconnect with some of you as well as meet you newer folks in lieu of contests or frenzied running around collecting stamps. Some folks have young children. Perhaps several of you would like to bring an activity for the kids and take turns with the kids so that everyone would have some time with the adults.

It might be good to try to update the status of as many of our local boxes as possible. Finders and box placers could exchange information. I know this would help me get my boxes up to date.

So go ahead pick this all apart or add some more input. Let's have an LB reunion!

(Lnd Crzr, are you out there?)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Anyone here?

I used to follow this blog a couple years ago. I have moved and had to set letterboxing aside for a while. Now I picked up my stuff and carved a few. Then decided to check this site to see what is going on. Sad to see no posts since July 2009!

Is anyone still here?