Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The little box that could

The rash of emails from new boxers and  the story about letterboxing in Columbia Homes rekindled my interest in our sport this month.  I've decided to check the condition of my stable of neglected boxes.  Tonight I stopped at Saarinen Microletterbox with low expectations.  It is, after all, in a very public place.

To my amazement, it was not only there but in fairly good shape.  The book was wet but in one piece and the stamp was still in its felt case.

That little box has done me in.  I've got the bug again.  I'll repair and replace the box and make the rounds of the others. ( It's been so long I'll have to read my own clues to find them, I'm afraid.)  I'm also in for Ron's suggested late summer gathering.

By the way, I spruced up the site a bit.  Let me know if the design works for you.