Sunday, August 17, 2008

We have been Welcomed!

Saturday August 16th was a beautiful day in Kansas. Couldn't ask for better weather. We gathered at West Flanders Park in Shawnee,KS for some fun. We met some new LBers including DS from Memphis. She brought an 11 box series for us to see that will now be planted in her hometown in Tennessee. Beautiful Stamps with a really cool "passport" for each of us. Elvis was amazing! Great carve.
The Outdoor Girls were perfect hosts with lots of fun and activities for us all. We exchanged stamps and got a SUPER event stamp. It was SO appropriate. Monkeys and Sunflowers! Lizzard had four boxes with a special theme that were ready to plant. This time instead of hunting boxes we were planting them. She even had a crate of hiding supplies including different colors of spray paint, gorilla glue, fake moss, etc. Each box was ready to go with a stamp and logbook. After a "proper hideation" spiel, we split into teams and scouted out hiding spots. We wrote clues and then hunted each others boxes. Great fun! Craw and Joey team wrote a very clever clue that was my personal favorite. They also introduced 8 month old "Lucky Little 13" who was a most agreeable boxer and darn cute to boot. It was wonderful to see Lnd-Crzr and son. Even Mr Monkey made a rare appearance! Some very new boxers were also present. It was neat to meet those new to our favorite hobby. You can view some pictures here. I was too busy having fun to take many photos. If you have some of your own please share! A grand time was had by all. I hear that the party continued at KC LBers favorite restaurant, Fritz's. Unfortunately, I had to go to work so others will have to post those tales. Thanks again for all the hard work for this gathering. I REALLY enjoyed it and am looking forward to spending time with my new Kansas friends!