Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update And A Question?????

Recently we took a weekend trip to Columbus, OH. While visiting my sister's family, Jesemiaud, we were able to get 34 boxes in just two days. Rather impressive I thought. But the story does not end there. Today while I was logging them in, on of the author's of some of the LB's that we had found emailed me and wants me to retrieve our LB, General Omar Bradley, and send it to her to be part of a LB gathering they are having Nov 10 in Ohio. I was honored. But, what should I do? I checked out the gathering on the AQ website and it looks like there will be a lot of boxers there. Should I risk it and send it to her or should I leave it where it is? Is it ethical to send it? HELP

ABS Family

Long Time No See

It has been forever since last I blogged but it is good to have a reason to write. We had not letterboxed much this summer with work and with summer camps and such. At the end of August we had an opprunity to head out and pick up two new ones that had been planted here in Moberly. They were planted by The Scorp. Any way, we had just found "The Pit" and decided to take a different pathway out. On the trail we found this. The scattered contents of a purse. We took a few pictures and picked up the contents. What we found in the wallet proves that criminals are stupid. There was a fifty dollar bill in it. Next stop was the police station. What happened next proved there are not very many honest people left in the world. The police officer looked at us like we were stupid after we told them there was a fifty still inside it. I guess I like to sleep at night more than I would like to have fifty dollars in my pocket. The kids thought they needed to stand in front of the station for a picture. They learned a good lesson that day.
That leads me to a interesting question, what would you have done???
ABS Family

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Help for the drifters

From AHistory:
Well, way to go you guys, you have me perplexed. I have wracked my brain and explored a few literal and figurative possibilities to no avail.

From C2B2 after "dramatically" editing the clue.

Hallelujah! Guess that clue was just too deep for you. Silly Shere, my friends from Chapel Hill would have guessed at least part of the puzzle.



I just found out that my employer is offering an employee discount THIS WEEK ONLY of 50 percent off any regularly priced item. If you know me well enough to know where I work, and you would like to have me purchase something for you, contact me and we can make some arrangements. I plan to go shopping either Friday or Saturday, and you can tag along or arrange to get me some money some other way.--Fox-fyr


Four Postal Letterboxes appear to have gone missing in action: Fox-fyr's, C2B2's, Grace to You's and Lnd-Crzr's. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these 4 PLBS which R MIA, please drop a line and send them along. We would love to get them back.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pictures, anyone?

Okay, it's Monday already and I have yet to see any pictures or commentary posted here about the Haunted Gathering held this past's been TWO DAYS already and I'm dying to hear all the details....and I want to see pics of the costume contest!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anniversary Adventure

As some of you may have heard, there are some new WOM clues floating about.
Following the lead of those before me, like Lnd-Crzr, I have released a new series to commemorate my first year of LBing along with surpassing 50 plants. Since I put a lot of extra work into these boxes, I will not be listing them, so this may be the only electronic record of their existence.

Currently I only have 5 clues, but do plan to make more soon. I have handed out four of them but the fifth is still up for grabs. If anyone has a free day and feels up for some adventure, let me know and I will make sure you get a clue. Be prepared to hike one of Mid-MO's toughest trails and to use your logic and creativity to tackle a different sort of cipher both at home and on the trail. I hope you guys enjoy them.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Just a reminder of the Haunted LB Gathering coming up. Here are the details.

Saturday October 20th 2:30pm til ?

Wear a costume!
Pumpkin carving (BYOP- I have carving supplies)
Ghost stories and Glow Sticks after dark!
Bring a guitar if you play!
I'm also sure that there will be boxes as well. ;)
And of course. POTLUCK! (No nuts, please)

There are a couple of contests also. Check out previous posts for AJMonkeyMan's contest for Halloween tales. Bring a story to share.

Create a Haunted Hitchhiker if you dare. Let's let some new blood loose! (Pun intended)

Please note the NEW TIME! We moved the start time to maximize daylight. We will begin around 2:30 pm.

Email if you need directions.

So far it looks like about 20 or so LBers will be tricking and treating together. Let me know if you can come. We would be happy to see you. This is going to be a great time!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wallace & Gromit: LiRB Update

A piece of Mid-MO LB history is making a move. The Wallace & Gromit: Lost in Rock Bridge, can no longer be housed within RB SP due to their permits expiring, thus, they're moving and will be lost elsewhere. They've already been pulled so if you're heading out to find won't.

I'll have them re-lost by the end of October. I must say this series has had an excellent run considering how long it's been active and the number of folks who have found it. Thanks to everyone who did their part in properly re-hiding this series.

Viva Proper Re-Hideation!


Friday, October 05, 2007

Yet another Contest!

Those of you planning on attending our Haunted Halloween Gathering on October 20th have a chance at yet another contest. Lnd Crzr informed me of a wonderful idea to have a haunted hitch hiker contest. So please create and bring a Hitch hiker to the gathering. I am not sure exactly what Lnd Crzr is wanting to do with this but the basic idea is to FLOOD local boxes with fresh hitch Hikers.



Those of you who were at the KC gathering got 2 special stamps that i had my mother take due to the fact that I was in a disc golf tournament. Those 2 stamps will make 1 final appearance at our Haunted Halloween gathering. Then they will be permanently placed. Those of you who were in able to attend the KC gathering and will be at our Haunted Halloween gathering will get the stamps.