Monday, September 19, 2005

Coming this fall: The Gathering, a Sequel

Remember when spring was in the air, cartoon-themed boxes sprouted in Rock Bridge State Park and Lnd-Crzr beamed that impish grin? What a gathering. What a crowd.

It's time again. Lnd-Crzr has rung the cyber bell to gather the Mid Missouri Letterboxers clan again. As fitting for Fall, this gathering will be a bit less wild and wooly. The group will meet at Cherry Street Artisan in Columbia at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22. Don't know the place? Check here. Great coffee, music and high-speed Internet.

There are a number of boxes nearby: Architects Series No. 1, Buried Jewells and one I haven't had time to name or post yet. But Lnd-Crzr has even more up his sleeve. He is placing small (Altoid-size) tins in his memorable Exchange Box. You can pick up a tin and use it to design a micro box for a contest similar to the one we so much enjoyed in the first gathering.

By the way, the (ahem) winning entry from that gathering is now the Fallen Leaf box. Find it if you can. Dare you.

Ron is looking for more ideas for the gathering. If you have ideas or need directions to his exchange box, contact him through the LbNA Web site. Look for the list of placers. Use the link to send him a message.

Or -- just a thought -- post your ideas here.

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dirt said...

I found a destroyed letterbox at the end of Wilson Street near the University of Missouri campus and at the beginning of the Rock Hill Park trail.

The letterbox was left by C2B2.

If you would like this letterbox returned call Eric at (573)819-6344.