Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cipher Lesson Plan


At the Fall 2006 Gathering I gave out some handouts of the "Letterboxing with Codes and Ciphers" lesson plan. If you want to receive a copy by e-mail, whether or not you made it to the Gathring, please contact me at to request a copy. There is one section that includes some practice ciphers, but I did not include the answers. So if you picked up a hard copy and want a copy of the answers, please also let me know.

Other sections in the document include the following:
Reasons for using (or not using) encrpytions
The difference between a code and a cipher
Explantion of the two main categories of ciphers
(i.e., Substitution vs. Transposition)
Tips for Solving Simple Substitution Ciphers
List of 100+ words common in letterboxing clues
Examples and explanations of various ciphers



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Anonymous said...

Yay for me! I broke my first cipher all the way yesterday! Now I know where "Home Tweet Home" is. I just need the right time to go get it! I guess I will spend my winter cracking codes. Thanks for getting me started!