Saturday, November 10, 2007

Atlasquest Request

Recently we have become atlasquest fans. It is easier to use. It is easier to search for letterboxes, easier to plan a trip. You can also see all the finds for your boxes instead of just the last three. If you don't post your boxes on atlasquest, I would encourage you to do so. It is super easy because you can link LBNA for the clue. We have put Omar Bradley on there, so if you have found it, please log in and record your find. Atlasquest can not replace LBNA but it can be a handy sidekick for it. Make a comment and let everyone know what you think about atlasquest?
ABS Family

BTW- Be looking for three new boxes (5 stamps) from ABS Family to be posted by Turkey Day. Lbing after the meal instead of a nap, priceless.


Ryan said...

Some people might accuse me of being biased, but I love Atlas Quest! =)

-- Ryan

ABS Family said...

I would say that you have a very good reason to be biased. It is a wonderful creation. How often do you get suggestions on ways that it can be improved?

Grace to You said...

Wow, is this THE Ryan of Atlas Quest fame?? How cool is that?? :)

This seems like a great opportunity to get some assistance with Atlas, how do I start?? I'm very low-tech and easily intimidated, but I've moved to Maine and it seems that I'll have to get involved at AQ if I ever hope to be accepted among the lbing elite here.

Any assistance (in low tech verbage) would be appreciated!

Lnd-Crzr said...

AQ is an important link in the LB world. It seems, excuse my naivety here if I’m incorrect, that a lot of new folks use it as there lots of more in depth resource than LBNA and certainly a lot of chatting related to answering questions.

I also think a lot of folks, myself included; use AQ to search out boxes when traveling as it has a super tool for doing just that.

And certainly a lot of people do a LOT of chatting about all aspects of LB and life in general.

So I would agree and encourage folks to post clues on both sites. It is a very simple process of linking a clue already on LBNA to AQ. Though logging finds on both sites can get a bit tedious, especially after a long trip, like, to say Colorado.

The B Hunters said...

WOW! Ryan knows of this blog? I am impressed with his get around skills! I love AQ and post all boxes on AQ and then link them to lbna. You start by going to and registering yourself. From there, its easy as pie to navigate both the pages and the boards. I do prefer this site because of the many tools, but lbna is useful as most columbia letterboxers have all boxes posted on lbna. The B HUnters

ABS Family said...

Altasquest makes it easy to plan a trip while letterboxing, BUT it can not direct you to boxes that are only posted on LBNA. The B Hunters are right. Some local planters only use LBNA. If we all utilized both sites, it would be great!

ahistory said...

I've been meaning to host my LBNA clues on AQ. I currently have them all linked. I figure it makes a good backup and that way the clue is still available if LBNA is offline. I hope to find the time to do this soon.

Fox-fyr said...

I host all of my clues on LBNA but link almost all of them to AQ as a courtesy for those who have a preference for one site over the other.
I agree that AQ has a lot more features than LBNA (i like the ability to list Gatherings and whos is attending) but those features (especially those icons by each box that specify handmade stamp, kids-friendly, compass needed etc.,) give the site a highly technological feel.
I think that style appeals to a lot of people, epscially those that grew up with or otherwise embraced today's technological advances.

However, I must admit that my personal bias lies with the more traditional style of art conveyed by the "library" or "personal study" look and feel of LBNA with its big leatherbound book on the homepage. I have always been an avid reader, but prefer reading my books surrounded by fluffy pillows or a fireplace rather than reading anything online. I have no live TV in my house, my computer is on the world's slowest dial up, and I barely know what an IPOD is much less how to use one. It's not because I'm afraid of change (goodness knows there's enough of that in my life) but because technology has a tendency to speed things up, and my life moves too fast as it is.
I'm not trying to convince anyone that one site is better than the other. I'm simply saying that LBNA appeals more to the artist in me.

Grace to You said...

Fox-fyr described my feelings much more eloquently than I could have...I too prefer the old-school look and feel of LBNA. However, I'm missing out on the goings-on around here, outside of Atlas Quest, because there is no blog and very little activity on the local yahoo message board. I'm working up the courage to become a computer geek. :)

Clyde Bentley said...

If Atlas Quest was the dominant site, I would probably use it. But most of the boxes on it are either duplicated or taken directly from LBNA. So I seldom bother going to both and only update or add my own boxes when someone reminds me.

Of course, I haven't updated our finds on LBNA in about six months, but that is another story.