Sunday, December 30, 2007

New whippet on the run

There's a new whippet sniffing out stamps with C2B2. Our faithful Saffron will move off int the big world when our son (and real owner) Garrett graduates. So this week we acquired a little girl to keep us company.

The clue we have been unable to break is her name. We've pondered Tesla (master of the lightning bolt) or Yazhi (a Navaho "little one.") But the only name that suits her right now is "Peesalot."

Clyde and Cecile


Clyde Bentley said...

We decided on Greta -- she has a Garbo look you can see at

McMonkey Mom said...

She's beautiful! Does she "vant to be alone"?

queenbusick said...

I was going to offer - Boxie...but Greta is FAB!