Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to KS Gathering for McMonkey Mom

Check out the Atlasquest event board, August 16th, Shawnee, KS. Hope to see some of you again, soon!


(yes, she's returned to the fray!)


Outdoor Girls said...

Here is the info for the Welcome to Kansas Gathering for MonkeyMom:

This is a gathering to welcome MonkeyMom and family to Kansas!
That’s right they crossed the line and moved to Kansas.

West Flanders Park is located at 55th Street & Neiman Road in Shawnee, KS. West Flanders Park is an urban walking park. Currently there are no boxes planted in this park :( On August 16th we are going to remedy that ;)

We will have complete, ready to plant boxes available. Teams will work together to find the perfect spots, write the clues and plant some boxes.
It will be challenging, we promise. It will also be fun :) There will be prizes!!!

Come join the fun and welcome MonkeyMom to Kansas.
Bring your personal travelers with you!
Be sure to bring some cold beverages like water and/or pop (sorry but alcohol is not permitted in park).
There are 3 picnic tables (which I am sure we will fill up) so feel free to bring a lounge chair or blanket.

Hope to see you there!
Please sign up on AtlasQuest!

ahistory said...

Hey Goddess, glad to hear you are back in the fray. I can't wait to find more of your boxes.

Not sure if I can make the KS meet but I'll sure try.

Fox-Fyr said...

August 16 is Wild Cave Tour Leader training day at Rock Bridge State Park. I will have to work all day that day and will be unable to attend.

ahistory said...

Shoot I have to attend that training as well, so I am out for this one. :(

McMonkey Mom said...

Hey guys! I FINAllY got my internet hooked up at our new house in Kansas. I am very much looking forward to the gathering for us on the 16th. I am looking forward to new and familiar faces.

Fox-Fyr said...


Has your contact information changed (i.e. e-mail address and phone?)

Monkey Mom said...

All the same here.Anyone can email me for new home phone and address.