Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mid-Mo Halloween Gathering

Dustoff your broomsticks and fly in for a All Hallows Gathering at my house on October 25, 2008. This will be a family-friendly event. Please bring your favorite dish to share. I'll provide the rootbeer. Costumes are encouraged, and there will be a prize for best costume. I live on 2.5 acres and will be hiding boxes on the property for your letterboxing pleasure. You are also welcome to bring a box to plant for the event, either outside with clues or as a Hidden-in-Plain-Sight (HIPS) box somewhere in the house or on the grounds. There will also be a pumpkin carving contest. You may carve pumpkins on site (I'll provide the carving tools and candles, you bring your own pumpkin) or you may bring a pumpkin already-carved at home. For those of you with pet allergies, please be aware that I have numerous cats.

Doors open at 2 p.m., and festivities will continue into the wee hours of the night. Evening festivities will include a bonfire, glowsticks, and night 'boxing. Adult beverages permitted after sunset. You may drop in at any time and even camp in the backyard if you want to stay all weekend. Parking is limited. There will be some space in the driveway, and on the front lawn, but I live on a narrow gravel road so you may have to park one street away and walk.

If you wish to hunt for boxes the following day as well, you are welcome to do so.

Please contact me if you need directions or more information:
I hope you can come sit for a spell--Kat


Fox-Fyr said...

The Event has been listed on so please sign RSVP there (it's listed under Toolbox/Events).

ahistory said...

Oh what a great theme, I think it will be a truly magical experience.

And just like the Bradbury classic, there is no telling what "acts" may blow into our Midwest town on the upcoming October evening. An event not to be missed and one at which you should keep you eyes open.

An event not to be missed for sure.

Fox-Fyr said...

Ahistory: How does one add their name and food to the potluck list on the AQ event page for this Gathering?

ahistory said...

I am not sure, it was there when I registered. There was a spot for it so I filled it out.

queenbusick said...

We will be there! Costumes costumes - what shall I wear?

Fox-Fyr said...

I am also hosting a Halloween party this weekend (Saturday Nov. 1) for Muggles but the boxes are all still in my yard if you would like to show up and hunt for them. There are 20+ boxes and nine of them are on loan from the West Coast (beautiful stamps). The party and potluck officially starts at 5 p.m. but you may show up at anytime. I have 2.5 acres of Haunted Trails including the Eerie Acres Cemetery, the Enchanyed Forest, a Spider's Lair and much more. For directions, look up the clues to the Boxing Day letterbox. If you want my phone number, please contact me through LBNA or AQ.