Friday, April 23, 2010

Anyone here?

I used to follow this blog a couple years ago. I have moved and had to set letterboxing aside for a while. Now I picked up my stuff and carved a few. Then decided to check this site to see what is going on. Sad to see no posts since July 2009!

Is anyone still here?


nugglebugs said...

after a frenzied season of interest for about 1-3 years, the LB community has settled some in recent months.

we still have some of the best boxing around.

glad to hear of your interest/return to the area and hobby.

Clyde Bentley said...

I was just thinking about how it might be nice to get back to letterboxing. The hordes of scout troops/muggles/crazies at the height of popularity killed it for me. But I'm ready to try again.

If we don't have any contests and don't have any races, is anyone interested in a low-key gathering this spring?

Fox-Fyr said...

that would be fun


Outdoor Girls said...

LndCrzr posted something on AQ a while back at maybe pulling together a little gathering.

We would be willing to help out.

outdoor girls

Jenny said...

I was just looking through my letterboxing memorabilia yesterday. A low-key gathering would be fun.

ahistory said...

I'd be in for something low key.

The B Hunters said...

We'll come up. We've been missing our Columbia cohorts :)

Jeff said...

I would be interested in a low key gathering.

Deb Green said...

I'd love to meet some of the Mid-Mo boxers!