Saturday, October 09, 2010

Maintenance Mayhem

Hello everyone, I wanted to say that I am trying to at least get back out and check all of my boxes over the coming months and maybe even replacing a few that have been pulled or went missing.

For those of you who have been out along the Katy, I recently relocated Sadako's Story and the Hen of the Woods box. If you have found them, there is no need to find them again as they have only been slightly moved, one to avoid potential flooding and another because its hidey hole literally disintegrated after 4 years.

The Chicken of the Woods box is currently pulled for the same reason. I hope to get it back out there in the next week or two. When I found it, it was just sitting in a pile of sawdust. The bonus box was also very exposed as the tree holding it had fallen over, luckily the box was just sitting in the mud.

Also, for those of you who had found either my Blackberry Hill or Diana Bend box (which is part of an "unnamed" series) and were a little confused when you looked at the contents, let me explain. I planted both of those at the same time in the dead of winter and I think the cold went to my head, becuase this summer when I was out picking blackberries and checked in on these I realized, I had placed each box in the other one's place. I switched them back, so now they are correctly where they need to be. If you only had found one, I would suggest going back to the hiding sport as now there should be a new box (the original) there for you to log.

I know everyone has gotten very busy this past year, so I thought I would see if anyone wanted to get together and catch up while checking boxes for maintenance. If so drop me a line and we can get out and hit a few and make sure the great boxes in our area are safe and sound for the next finders.

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