Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thank You And Our Story

First of all, I must say "Thank You" to C2B2 for the invition to blog on this site. I have read all the previous blogs and learned a few things that I did not know. My name is Adam and along with my family, we make up the "ABS Family". We are a family of five. My wife and I have three children. Boy-7, Girl-4, Girl-1.

We were introduced to LBing by my older sister who lives in central Ohio. We were out there visiting in October of 2005 and we went to Hocking Hills State Park and we had so much fun. We found two boxes there in the park. When we got back to her home, I checked the web and learned that Rock Bridge State Park had several LBs. We visit RBSP at least twice a year because we enjoy the outdoors. Funny thing is, we took my sister and her family there when they were here over the summer of 2005. After that first day, I was hooked. I have always enjoyed treasure hunts or scavenger hunts, so this is really fun. The problem we have is that with three children, we cannot just go. It has to be planned and a decent day. I am always chomping at the bit to go but my wife pulls me back to the world of responsibilities. Hopefully, with spring coming we will get out on the path more often. We have only been hunting three times with 12 finds.

We have made a personal stamp and we are know using it. It has alot of meaning for me. My family, generations back, were originally from Canada and we have a flag with a seal. I carved out our family seal which appears on the flag. It is not perfect so I will probably try to carve it again. That is the main reason we have not planted any LBs. We have clues and themes, it is just that the stamp does not meet my approval. C2B2 and LND-CZR have both told me not to worry about the stamp. People just want LBs to hunt, so saying that, the next free day we get we will plant our first box. I am excited about it.

My next blog, hopefully soon, will be about our letterboxing adventure we had on last Saturday. Until then, don't let your inkpad dry up!!

ABS Family

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Jenny J said...

Welcome to our great little Mid Mo group!

So glad to hear you're indoctrinating those young-uns at an early age!