Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogging and boxing

With our spring gathering coming up May 6, this is probably a good time to revisit what we are doing with our letterboxing blog.

This site is the sounding board to a growing group of letterboxers who live and search in the heart of Missouri. It also is getting a rather impressive amount of traffic. It has a half dozen registered authors and has been read by a score or more others in the vicinity.

For authors, I need to know if any of you wish to be taken off the list of people who can contribute postings to the blog (you can always keep reading it) or whether any of you need your e-mail address updated. For the rest of you, I need to know if you want a computer-generated invitation to be on the authoring list. Send me a note at

Also, I would like to see a series of short profiles on our letterboxers. If you are registered with the site, you can do that by going to, clicking on this site and posting bit of information on why you started letterboxing, etc. Share with us some of your trail stories and tips on stamps, boxes, navigating, etc. And photos are very welcomed — either photos of yourself, of boxes (don’t give away secrets), stamps or vistas.

If you are not registered, just e-mail the material to me.

Remember the blog is also a good place to post notes about boxes out of the area that might be worth seeing when any of us are traveling. This makes even more sense as we approach the vacation season.

Last but certainly not least, let me know if there is anyone who should be invited to look at the blog or come to the gathering. LndCrzr will host the gathering and should soon post his invitation.

See you on the trail.

Clyde (half of C2B2)

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