Friday, May 19, 2006

Gnome Home Letterbox

This little gnome just begged (and I mean begged- gesh they are persistant little folk) to be made into a letterbox and so I created this little guy out of love for all little gnome folks. The clues are here in picture format- with this a couple hints, this little gnome loves to watch the children play, start your journey there and this little guy likes his privacy so you will need to remove some rocks to find his home, please re-place the rocks to ensure his privacy. A fun little first finders prize awaits!


SurlyMama said...

mamatoorts, this is so much fun! I am on the search for little people ASAP! See you Sat
Love Surlymama

Tish said...

Not so sure this one is still there. We found the rock yesterday but were unable to find the box.