Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rummage Sale Traveling LB

greeting fellow letterboxers- how do you know you are getting more and more addicted to letterboxing- you have a rummage sale letterbox! I have the traveling Rummage Sale LB from dragon in my ink stained fingers as we speak and since I can't be out letterboxing on Saturday, we thought this was a great way to still do some letterboxing. Check out the clues:

hum, what else do I have up my sleeve- you never know, 2 boxes coming this week from mamaroots- one you will only find out if you come to the rummage sale box, the other I would just watch out for!

Thanks so everyone for a fun LB gathering and big thanks to my good friend Lorilee for introducing me to letterboxing last December. I was hosting mine and my hubby's annual swap and shop and Lorilee had made these great little bags (I also love bags of all sorts!) with some carabiners and I asked what they were and she showed me and I was like "what is letterboxing" once she told me I snagged up the 2 kits and we bartered (I think I traded her a sock monkey) and my son jasper got one kit and my neice the other kit for Christmas. We found our first box on Christmas Eve and the rest, well it certainly isn't history, one can only tell what the future holds!!

more to come-mamaroots

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mamakopp said...

If only had I known I would have made you more!!!! What a great idea to have a rummage sale box! Good luck everyone!