Friday, January 26, 2007

Bean a box real soon

Time is running out on the Now You See It, Now You Don't contents. For me, that means I need to finish the prize (a hand-made box) by Feb. 3. For you, it means get out there and find our quarry. It is supposed to be a nice weekend.

Fox-fyr has a great idea for voting that I'd like to use:

"Since there are so many entries, I'd hate to have to vote for just one. I would like to vote for several. Also, unlike other contests we've had in which we can all see whatwe're voting on, not everyone has found all the contest entries. I propose a voting method that addresses both of these issues: For each box, assign a paper cup or other contaiiner labeled with the box name, and give people beans to put beans in the cups for which they'd like to vote. The number of beans would vary based on the number of boxes each person found. 1 box = 2 beans 2 boxes = 4 beans 3 boxes = 6 beans Mre than 3 boxes = 6 beans plus one for every box in the contest they've found. People could put any number of their beans in anyone's cup. They could put all in one cup or divide them among several cups. That way, the voting is more weighted, andi it helps spread out the votes. I hate it when some really nice boxes boxes get no or very few votes because we are restricted to choosing only one. The kids could count the beans and anounce the winners.
And -- being the nice person she is -- Fox-fyr even included a list of the entries:

Frog in a Box by C2B2
Oracle by TouchTrek
Promenade by Touch Trek
Ode to Charlotte by Ahistory
Wagon Wheel by Ahistory
Gemini by Ahistory
Nancy Drew by Mama Roots
Use Your Noodle by MamaRoots
Home Twet Home by Fox-fyr
Sun, Sea and Sky by Fox-fyr
Mud & Strings & Artful Things by Jenny J

Have a fun weekend!


ahistory said...

Woohoo, I found my last box on the list today so I'll be full of beans on Saturday. I can't wait to see everyone again.

The Scorp said...

I wasn't able to make it to the gathering, but I'm very curious who won. Are you going to post the results?

ahistory said...

Well, I'm sure Ron will provide a more detailed summary soon enough but here are the basic results.
Due to the generous nature of several Mid-MO LBers, prizes were awarded for the top four boxes. Ode to Charlotte came in first. Mamaroots received both 2nd and 4th prizes for Use your Noodle and Nancy Drew (though I don't remember which one was 2nd, I think it was Nancy maybe). And Oracle by touchtrek took third place.

The Scorp said...

Well congrats to all, I know we sure had a fun time finding them.