Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Local Box Gives a Great Bonus!

Winter is a tough season on everyone, especially those who are die hard letterboxers! Recently, I was on a great quest for a local box and found that the word camoflauge can mean a variety of things - I am calling this camo 'the squirrel effect'.

I have followed my clues faithfully with my 2 year old in tow and have approached the moment we LB'rs love - the box..will it be there? what's inside? Oh such sweet anticipation!

This box had a squirrel effect. I looked into get the box .. I saw the rock and leaves and fur on top. Fur? A fur tail? I thought it was alive and then I realized it would've been gone..then I thought oh how clever..put a fake fur tail on as camo..so I just moved it and got the box.

As I was putting it back, I happened to move the rock back and some of leaves and this fur was stuck to it all. So I pulled on the tail and ta-da I was rewarded with a squirrel corpse! It couldn't have been dead too long b/c there was a lot of fur attached and just the body was shriveled from dehydration and wrapped around the debris surrounding the box.

After that I was pretty grossed out a little and thought..you know if some stranger is pokin around in here, this will keep them away! Plus, I thought hmmm someone else will be braver than me to pull it all the way out. Not to mention my son would've been too curious about the whole thing!

Enjoy! Just know your next winter box can have a bonus of some nature!

The location of this box has been hidden from you, if you would like to see the squirrel corpse...good luck!


Robin said...

Gross Out! Quentin would have loved it though!

ahistory said...

Sounds like the perfect box from which to launch a parasite.