Friday, April 27, 2007

Arghh! Arghh! Arghh!

A vast me hearties! ‘Tis but a smidge over a week ‘til the gatherin’ of this motley crew of letterboxers. As it ‘tis, I be needin’ a few of yuz to bring aboard a few bits n’ pieces of this its and that’s its. If’n ‘ya can bring a this or a that, post a comment below deck.

A rough guess is we’ll be feeding 25 on Saturday night. I’m in hopes that folks will look at the list and bring a few items form it. Don’t feel like you need to bring 14 peppers. If a few bring two or three it will all add up the same.

-Large skillets (3)
-Fajita Flour Tortillas (50-60?)
-Tortilla Chips (3 bags or so)
-Peppers; Red, Green, Yellow (14)
-Red Onions (7)
-Salsa (3 jars or a big old bucket if its homemade)
-Sour cream (3 tubs)
-Good old Coleman lantern

OneMeanGreenBean has already committed to bringing her famous guacamole and someone else (sorry, I forget who) is bringing a Tortilla soup/dip, which sounds like a meal unto itself. If anyone else wants to contribute a side dish or desert, please feel free, though remember, no nuts.

Drinks are bring your own as are plates, cups and utensils.

Regarding where to meet on Saturday morning, click HERE for a small map of the park. Notice down low, near I-70 is a picnic shelter? That's where we'll meet. It is the only big shelter in the bottom. Again, I've reserved the shelter but have not told the park exactly what we're up to so please be discreet (read 'Don't ask the park staff where the Letterboxing party is'.).

Argh! One more item. Along with the other reading you’ve done, browse through ‘How I Became a Pirate’ by Melinda Long and David Shannon. Any bookstore should have it in their children’s section.

Feel free to post questions and comments.


Perdu said...

Ahoy, matey, it seems ye be a-brewin' some mean grub for this lot whats to find its way aboard.

Should we be referrin' to ye as "Barbque" after a certain someone whats been called it in a book what we done read?

I reckon you kin mark me for a bell pepper, a couple packages of tortillas (not rightly sure if that's packed in 10's or 12's) and a container of salsa what-not.

If'n ye be findin' yer in need of more 'n 'at just send up a hallo.

Lookin' forward to settin' sail...y'siree...lookin' mighty for'd t'it.

Clyde Bentley said...

I thought you needed hummus and curry for those fahjeedas...

McMonkey Mom said...

We will be bringing A couple of "good ole Colemans" and some other after dark surprises that will light up the light. (Not Fireworks, Duh :) )

Lnd-Crzr said...

Humus and curry. That's funny!

ahistory said...

I'll bring some onions and tortillas as well and a jar of salsa.

Also, for anyone interested in learning how to make those letterbox pouches like I use in the School House Rock Series bring a stapler and some camoflage duct tape.

I can't wait.

McMonkey Mom said...

I'll be packin'a big skillet to feed the crew. ( And maybe some Pam to smooth things over!)

OneMeanGreenBean said...

I can throw in another skillet (well, I won't really throw it...that'd be right dangerous and we don't need any fahjeeda injuries). I'll also bring some tortilla chips since they're awful necessary to the effective eating of gaucamole. Just doesn't taste the same on a finger. I'm getting awfully excited for a good campout/cookout/letterboxing bash! Can't wait!

queenbusick said...

ooohhh my family can't live without sour cream! count us in for the sour cream!

Fox-fyr said...

Well, I'll up and say this: By jolly, mates, count me in for a brace or two o' peppers (some o' each color). I'll even draw and quarter 'em real fancy-like. Seems I'd be needin' some anyhow, for I fancy I'll be fixin' up some hashbrowns for Sunday breakfast, and by thunder, hasbrowns 'taint a bloody right without some peppers.

Fox-fyr said...

By my count, thegroup hasvolunteered to bring about 7 peppers, 4 pkgs tortillas (about 40-50), 2 jars of salsa, some Coleman lanterns, about 3 red onions, 2 skillets, some chips, some sour cream, and soem guacamole. I'll throw in a skillet as well. Looks like we could still use a few more onions and peppers, maybe more chips, and maybe another jar of salsa. I'm assuming Lnd-Crzr is actually brining the chicken. Does someone want to bring any cheese?

McMonkey Mom said...

Got cheese will travel

Outdoor Girls said...

I have two jars of salsa on order for this here event. Will bring chips to go along with them. Will happily throw in a bag of shredded cheese.

Cecile said...

The old guy and I will haul along some red onions and chips. C2B2