Thursday, April 26, 2007

Arrrrgh ye ready?
7-Day Forecast for Latitude 38.95N and Longitude -91.93W (Elev. 820 ft)

I am getting ready and getting more excited as our gathering date draws near. I have posted a link to the 7 day forcast for the site. I am watching it with an anxious eye. I imagine all this rain and warm weather will explode the growth in the woods. Be sure to pack bug/tick repellant. The ticks seem to be kind of thick this year. Either that or they just like me!
I know that Lnd-Crzr has planned some fun things. Do you have your entry ready for the contest? Just one short week to finish your entry. Just to remind you the contest involves creating a way to identify your logbook as yours. The books will be laid flat on the table for us to exchange stamps. The cover of your book will not be visible. Your identifier will be next to your book. If you need more details see the gathering post below for more info.
I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. I am also excited about putting faces to trail names and making some new friends!
Food, Folks, Fun and Fajitas. See you there!

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queenbusick said...

the ticks are disgustingly thick for us too! my kiddos heads are smitten for those buggers...grrrrhhh my question is how does a tick survive at sea? with so many pirates on deck we will see the true state animal of missouri for sure!