Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update And A Question?????

Recently we took a weekend trip to Columbus, OH. While visiting my sister's family, Jesemiaud, we were able to get 34 boxes in just two days. Rather impressive I thought. But the story does not end there. Today while I was logging them in, on of the author's of some of the LB's that we had found emailed me and wants me to retrieve our LB, General Omar Bradley, and send it to her to be part of a LB gathering they are having Nov 10 in Ohio. I was honored. But, what should I do? I checked out the gathering on the AQ website and it looks like there will be a lot of boxers there. Should I risk it and send it to her or should I leave it where it is? Is it ethical to send it? HELP

ABS Family


Lnd-Crzr said...

That is an interesting question. I've made boxes ecspecialy for events and sent them, and they've all returned safely, but those were made specificly for a certain event. They weren't exsisting boxes being pulled.

But one of the great things about LB is there aren't any hard and fast rules. As long as it's regarding your own items, it's up to you how you play the game. But you decide, don't feel preasured to send it.

That being said, I understand your fear of it not returning. I'm certain the logbook holds a good deal of history and to loose it would be a shame.

I don't think this helped much, but let us know what you decidee to do and how it turns out in the end.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Oh, and 34 boxes in two days is impressive. I'd like to browse you logbook they next time we cross paths!


ahistory said...

I tend to agree with Lnd-Crzr. Most LBers organizing gatherings are responsible and would do their best to make sure anything sent returns intact.
However, Omar has been around for a while and is an existing box, so I too would be very hesitant to send it. I think I would offer to carve a copy or similar stamp and send it along with a new logbook. That way your box stays in place, the gathering gets a stamp and you have peace of mind. Also, if you do a copy, you have a replacement stamp in case the original gets destroyed or goes missing.
That's probably what I would do.