Saturday, October 27, 2007

Long Time No See

It has been forever since last I blogged but it is good to have a reason to write. We had not letterboxed much this summer with work and with summer camps and such. At the end of August we had an opprunity to head out and pick up two new ones that had been planted here in Moberly. They were planted by The Scorp. Any way, we had just found "The Pit" and decided to take a different pathway out. On the trail we found this. The scattered contents of a purse. We took a few pictures and picked up the contents. What we found in the wallet proves that criminals are stupid. There was a fifty dollar bill in it. Next stop was the police station. What happened next proved there are not very many honest people left in the world. The police officer looked at us like we were stupid after we told them there was a fifty still inside it. I guess I like to sleep at night more than I would like to have fifty dollars in my pocket. The kids thought they needed to stand in front of the station for a picture. They learned a good lesson that day.
That leads me to a interesting question, what would you have done???
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Grace to You said...

Oh, definitely you did the right thing, no matter what *most* people would have done...but it sure is disappointing when you try to do the right thing and get dismissed for it, isn't it?

I took an item back to K-Mart one time because the cashier overlooked ringing it up, and I wish you could have seen the circus that ensued...apparently no one had ever done that before, and I got passed around to three different employees, had to take one of them back to the department where I got it, then they finally got the manager involved. After all that, I ended up having to stand in line again to pay for it...and not one of the employees, including the manager, even thanked me for my trouble.

Would I do it again? Of course! Because it was the right thing to do, even if the beneficiary was inept and ungrateful. Keeping it would have been tantamount to stealing.

Chin up! What goes around comes around. :)

Hoof'n It said...

Without a doubt we would have done the same thing you guys did. I can't think of a better example for the young ones than what you showed them by taking it to the police station.
Too bad there was no i.d. for the owner of the purse.

You guys did great! I love the picture!

Hoof'n It

Lnd-Crzr said...

Indeed! An excellent teachable moment for your children that will stay with them (even if they forget it) for a long time. Too bad it wasn't reinforced by the police officer.

Well done! You deserve a root-beer!


queenbusick said...
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Grace to You said...

I had an interesting experience yesterday that brought this lesson home once again...

I left my camera in the bathroom at McDonald's (yes, I was taking pictures at McDonald's - but not in the bathroom lol). When I went back to the restaurant to look for it, of course it was gone. I approached the manager to give her my name and number in case anyone turned it in, and discovered, much to my surprise and great delight and relief, that someone already had.

Three cheers for honest people!!