Friday, March 14, 2008

CONTESTS! and other Gathering updates

In case you missed it the first time around, there will be two contests at the Spring Gathering.

The first is a Creatures in Myths and Legends Hitchhiker contest: Create a hitchhiker based on a mythical beast (dragon, unicorn, hippogriff, etc) or an ordinary beast about which a legend had been created (Raven, Coyote, etc).

The second contest is a Hidden in Plain Sight contest (HIPS). Create a box that can be hidden in plain sight at the spring gathering. An example would be an otherwise ordinary-looking cookie jar on the potluck table that contains a logbook and stamp instead of cookies.

Winners will be voted on and prizes award on Saturday afternoon of the Gathering.

If you plan on camping at the regular campground, book your site now as there are only about five left. If you wish to camp in the primitive scout area (tents only), no reservations are necessary, but this campsite will be available to us only on Saturday night (not Friday).


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