Saturday, March 22, 2008

McMonkeys are Moving!

I have thought for a while now that is unfair to have so many great boxers here in the Columbia area and so few in other parts of the state. In an effort to share the wealth of knowledge I have decided to move. OK, not REALLY for that reason, but we are moving. My husband has accepted a job with KBLV 99.7 in Mission, Kansas. He will be leaving soon. The little monkeys and I will be here until around the first of July. We are excited about our new adventure. (Well, most of us are) I am pleased that we are already friends with The Outdoor Girls since we will be living near them. I have lots of family here in Columbia and will be back OFTEN. We will be arriving on The Hogwarts Express the first weekend in May and look forward to seeing everyone then. (Have you RSVP'd on AQ yet for this event? If not, please do so!) Talk to you all then if not before!


Outdoor Girls said...

The Outdoor Girls are very excited about the McMonkeys' move:)

Grace to You said...

I gotta tell you, if we hadn't moved first, I would be DYING right now! Columbia's loss is KC's gain, that's for sure. I, on the other hand, only gained 10 feet of snow. :)

Lnd-Crzr said...

Ack! What sad news. Hate to see you go, but wish you all the best! You will return to host you 'ammual' Halloween party right?


ahistory said...

As the others have said we are very sad to see you guys move on, but K.C. is really Mid-MO's front yard (St. Louis is the back), so it's not like you'll be very far. Also I expect the K.C. letterbox population will soon be growing in leaps and bounds.
From midnight with ol' green eye to flaming trucks, its never been boring sharing the trail with you guys.

Alexis said...

WELCOME to the KC area!!! you should come to my event May 30-June 1 & meet lots of awesome women (no pressure, but let me know if you would like info).

"We welcome you! We welcome you! fa lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah!" (from the Wizard of Oz in Munchkinland)

Craw&Joey said...

Welcome to KC! Craw and I (as well as our new addition, Lucky Little 13) will be glad to have more 'boxers in the area... maybe we can host more regular events here in the future! See you in May on the Hogwarts Express. :)

Outdoor Girls said...

We are having a gathering to welcome MonkeyMom and family to Kansas!
That’s right they crossed the line and moved to Kansas.

The gathering is being held at West Flanders Park. West Flanders Park is located at 55th Street & Neiman Road in Shawnee, KS. West Flanders Park is an urban walking park. Currently there are no boxes planted in this park :( On August 16th we are going to remedy that ;)

We will have complete, ready to plant boxes available. Teams will work together to find the perfect spots, write the clues and plant some boxes.
It will be challenging, we promise. It will also be fun :) There will be prizes!!!

Come join the fun and welcome MonkeyMom to Kansas.
Bring your personal travelers with you!

Outdoor Girls