Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't miss the train!

Be sure the jump aboard the Hogwarts Express for the 4th Annual Mid-Missouri Spring Letterbox Gathering May 3-4, 2008. All boxes and activities will be based on a Harry Potter theme. Those of you who have signed up on's event page (under the toolbox drop-down menu) should have received a pre-trip packet via e-mail. Those people include Outdoor Girls (2), Ahistory, McMonkeyMom (3), One Mean Green Bean, The BHunters (4), Lnd-Crzr (2), J-Corn (3), C2B2 (2), SpankyKC (2), MO UR4Me (6), Apple (3), Craw and Joey (3), and Dragonfly2 (2).

If your name is not on this illustrious list but you would like it to be, be sure to sign up for the event or drop me an e-mail via so that I mail send you a pre-Gathering packet of information.

The event will be atBinder Park in Jefferson City May 3-4, 2008. It starts at 10 a.m. Saturday and continues through 5 p.m. on Sunday. Highlights include Hunting for 20+ boxes, Hitchhiker Contest, Boxes Hidden in Plain Sight(HIPS), Raffle, Craft Actvities, Hayride and, of course, the famous mid-Missouri POTLUCK.

If you have ITEMS TO DONATE FOR THE RAFFLE or PRIZES FOR CONTEST WINNERS, please contact me. These could include first-finders clues to new boxes, carving materials or tools, homemade logbooks, lock-and-locks and other containers, camouflaged duct tape, ink pads, compasses and other letterboxing supplies. Hiking, camping,and other outdoor items are also appreciated. Some of the Gathering decorations may also be raffled off, so don't forget to bring your spare change. All proceeds will go to teward off-setting the cost of the event, so please donate to your favorite local charity (the Mid-Missouri Letterboxign Society).


The B Hunters said...

Fox-fyr, I got an email saying it had a pre packet but there was no attachment, please send it again. Thanks and see you soon, The B Hunters

Dragonfly2 said...

We haven't got our pre packet either. But we didn't register until this past week.

Fox-fyr said...

The B Hunters and Dragonfly2:
I sent your packets to your AQ email address. If you prefer, or I can send them to a different address. Let me know if you still have trouble getting them.


Grace to You said...

Hope you guys have a blast this weekend! Wish we could join you...*sniff*