Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morels Spring Forth

Once more, that most sought after fungus, the morel has sprouted forth heralding spring. If you happen to find some while you're out on the trail, or if you get the fever like me and hunt them down, remember to take a picture and send me a description of where you found them to be rewarded. Just like last year, I will offer a special stamp to anyone who finds any mushrooms in my wild mushroom series and sends me the required photo and info. So keep your eye out on the trail and perhaps you'll get a reward for your logbook and your stomach.

Happy hunting.


Grace to You said...

Love the picture, ahistory!

Fox-Fyr said...

What's the address again for your msuhroom blog?

ahistory said...

Don't worry Fox-fyr I only put your photo on this blog. :')