Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering Up-Date

Time is drawing near for the spring gathering and I thought it wise to post an update to ensure that everyone has the needed information. Let me begin by saying that the interest shown in this spring’s gathering has been tremendous. Of course it is impossible to say how many will be attending until the day of the event, but suffice it to say that I believe we will most likely double our numbers from any previous gathering and we’ve had many who wished they could come but had previous obligations. On to the details.

Date, time, location and theme should be known by you all, but I’d like to make certain everyone has a few details.

There are currently two contests running (both purely voluntary, don’t feel obligated to participate). The first is to make a HH (Hitchhiker) based on your favorite fantasy character (this is spoken of on the invitations). This can be from any book, movie, game, etc… When making a HH please keep in mind that it will be sharing space with host LBs so keep them relatively compact. The second contest is to create a LB, any theme, which fits inside a Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc, 2 cup container. Bring your entries to the gathering as we will put them in a pile a vote on our favorites. Winners take home fabulous prizes.

And now a few words about the location and the event itself. The location is rather remote, so I suggest coming well supplied for a day of LB; plenty of fluids, bug spray and so on. The site does have running water and a pit latrine. This series is rather spread out and will require driving to several different trailheads. I’d like to ask that if you have a vehicle conducive to carpooling, plan on using it to drive you and a few others to each location. In the past we have broken up into small groups and searched for different LB then returned, shuffled groups and gone questing for another. This seems to work very well and allows everyone to spend some time on the trail getting to know lots of different folks. Lunch is pot-luck so please plan on bringing something to share.

I have been asked to do two workshops, one on using a compass and another on carving. I have several compasses, but if you have one, and are interested in the class, bring it. In fact, if you have a compass, bring it anyway as you will need it. If you’re interested in the carving workshop, bring your carving tools and some carving material. This will be as short or as long as folks want it to be.

If you have not already, I suggest doing a bit of pre-gathering reading. The theme will hold more meaning and fun if you’re fresh on the story. I’d also suggest bringing several pens/pencils and a notebook and as I said before a compass capable of taking bearings.

In the event of rain, and I mean an all day long down pour, I may bump the event to the next day, Sunday the 7th. If I do so I will send out an e-mail around 8 AM that day and post a message on the blog at around 9 AM.

Looking forward with great anticipation to seeing everyone!


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