Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Second Annual Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering

As the sound of peepers fill the air and the morels begin to appear, nature signals that it is time once again for the Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering! This will be the second annual gathering for the Mid-Missouri Letterboxing community. Last year saw the courageous efforts of a dozen local, and not so local, Letterboxes search Rock Bridge Memorial State Park for the lost duo of Wallace & Gromit. The end of that day saw the rescue of the pair by the Goddess and the Gardner of Kansas City.

If you’ve never been to a LB Gathering you might be wondering, what happens. If two years in a row can be called tradition, tradition says that a theme will be chosen and a series of LBs planted revolving around it. Contests are prearranged and those who choose to bring certain items (usually a LB or Micro-box which fall into the given guidelines) and everyone votes on a favorite. Winners walk away with FABULOUS prizes (think hand made log books or cold root-beer fabulous, not new car fabulous). Possibly the most alluring aspect of a Gathering is a chance to meet the fabulous folks which make up the Letterboxing community. I was thrilled to finally meet the people behind the stamps I continually see in the logbooks. This leads to the ‘Exchange’. This simply means you exchange personal stamps with everyone who attends and tends to lead to a frenzied passing of logbooks, which leads us to another grand aspect of a LB Gathering, getting to see other’s logbooks. This is one of my favorite parts. Thumbing through well worn logbooks is like looking through a well traveled journal and scrapbook. We also do a bit of learning. This year I’ve been asked to host a class on compass useage and a carving class. Did I mention the LBs? If you’re looking for snatching up a good number of LB in a single day, a Gathering is the place to do it. This year’s theme is generating a lot of excitement amongst those who have received their invites. If you’re curious, take a look at what they’ve received.

The second annual Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering will be held on May 6th, 2006, beginning at 10 AM and running all day. For those adventurous/outdoorsy types, a few intrepid folks will be camping out. Lunch is a pot-luck so I ask everyone who attends to bring something to share. Staying all day is not a requirement. Dropping in for a few hours is fine, but I encourage trying to be there at the opening. If you’d like more information, such as the location or the current contests, you gotta drop me an e-mail. To find it, track me down through LBNA.


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