Monday, June 05, 2006

MU Mystery

Sorry to say, but this LB has gone missing. In fact it was in such a rush to get away, not even one local LBer had an opportunity to catch him. Perhaps it will be replaced, so for the time being, I'm leaving this post.
If you're up for a bit of mystery, take a stroll around the University of Missouri, Columbia and see if you can solve this Mystery LB.

Find this parking meter and follow the flow into the far off building.

It should be noted, the white building in the distance, directly behind the parking meter is actually a green house.

Once inside, find this rather unimpressive view. You won't find the red arrow, but it will point you to the LB. Please be utterly discrete on this little jaunt.

Best of luck!


1 comment:

Fox-fyr said...

Darn this one is hard. I watched LND-CRZR plant this LB and still had trouble with the clue, especially finding the right parking meter. And I still haven't found the box. --Fox-fyr