Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rocking and Crocking

This letterboxing stuff is a crock.

Well, it's in the crock. At least at Columbia's Rockhill park. We have launched the Rocking and Crocking Series -- a set of four letterboxes hidden in small pottery crocks among the crags of one of Columbia's least known parks.

There will be at least one more crock in the series, but we are awaiting the completion of some work by city crews.

This is a special series for us as it is near our home and along trails we walk many evenings. By finding the series, you will discover a large sanctuary teeming with wildlife but practically withing hearing distance of the 9th street bistros. You can walk there from the university with ease.

We ask one small favor of our MidMoLBer friends: This park relies more on volunteers for maintenance than it does from city workers. Please pack along a plastic bag and pick up any litter you see along the trail. Some hikers are not nearly so polite as we are.

Please make sure your carefully reseal both the internal bags and the crocks themselves. Enjoy our neighborhood!


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