Thursday, June 15, 2006

Proper Re-Hideation

I've been about checking a few LBs lately and have found several of them missing or only partialy hidden. In the intrest of long Letterbox life, please, when you re-hide a LB make sure that it is not visible by someone passing by. It seems that there is, to some, a feeling that they should be left just a little visible so the next person can find it. This not only puts the LB in danger of dissaperaing, but also takes the 'Ah-Ha!' moment when the person finaly finds it.

I'd also like to mention the replacement of stones. many of us use stones to 'trap' a LB in its hiding spot. That is, they keep critters from dragging them about. So when you find a LB with stones stacked around/on top of it, please take note of them and try to replace them as found. I recently lost Aesop's Fables I because the stone that was crammed into the log was not replaced. I can only assume it was shanghi'd by a nasty varmit which could have been prevent had the stone been replaced.

So PLEASE, after finding a LB, re-hide it as well or better than you found it, completely invisbile to someone walking right over it.



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