Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival

Though this is terribly late notice (I wasn't sure until just this moment I would be heading out)...I am headed to the Pumkin Festival in Hartsburg this afternoon. I will be there from approximately 1pm to 4pm. Should any of you be in the area, perhaps hunting new boxes, here's a reason to wade through the crowd: should you be able to locate me amongst the throngs of festi-goers, identify yourself as a letterboxer and I might have special surprise to add to your collection. If we've not met, you can locate a picture of me in Lnd-Crzr's post April 2006: Pictures from the Spring Gathering. In the pictures, I'm the one in the bright orange (pumpkin colored!) hat. Today, as my name suggests, I'll be dressed almost entirely head to toe in green and carrying my orange and grey Osprey backpack that is more an extension of my body than an accessory. Again, sorry for the late notice, but hope to run into some fellow boxers on this beautiful fall day!

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nugglebugs said...

Spent the morning in Hartsburg this morning, but was out of town by noon. We actually took some time to find the new LB just east of town, and took my kid sister along to "help". She really enjoyed the surprise.

Hope that you had a great afternoon. Sorry we missed you, but look forward to crossing paths in the future.