Friday, October 06, 2006

a little reading

if you haven't seen the article yet, there is a fun article about letterboxing in Nov. issue of Games- we carry it at MU bookstore if you are out in about this way FYI-



Fox-fyr said...

It's a pretty decent article, where a reporter follows a few letterboxers on a couple of hunts and describes her experiences. It had good overview of letterboxing, although at one point it accidentally implies that letterboxes are buried in the ground. It also gave the LBNA website only at the very end of the article, for which I was thankful. I will bring a copy of the article to the Fall gathering.

rozebud said...

I thought Games Magazine went out of business years ago! Nope! My friend Geckospot (who hosted my recent two-week visit to Delaware) was one of those featured in the article, and while I visited, I got to go to the DE Game and met all the other folks pictured therein, including Dude the Wonder Dog. Nice people - fun times!


Fox-fyr said...

I did write GAMES Magazine a letter this week mentioned that letterboxes while hidden are NEVER to be buried as distrubing the soil, trampling vegetation and otherwise destroying property are things to avoid. I also asked them to correct an omission. They do not mention proper re-hideation anywhere in the article. Instead, it read "re-hide the box so that the next hiker can find it). This implies leaving all or part of the box exposed so that anyone can find it.
I just finished the Tower grove Park series in St. Louis and the previous finder had perhaps takem the GAMES article's advice and left the majority of the boxes COMEPLETELY exposed so that ANY hiker could see the box just by walking by. Luckily, despite this, we found 6 of 8 (two appeared to be missing).--Fox-fyr