Sunday, October 29, 2006

Letterboxes near Fall Gathering

If you plan on doing some letterboxing before or after the Gathering this weekend (Nov. 4), below are boxes that are located within a mile or two of the Gathering Site. (Let me know if I forgot any). Please note that the starred boxes may require that special circumstances apply (i.e., cover of darkness, business hours, etc.) above and beyond normal circumstances (no one present, etc.) in order to obtain the box.

Mud, Strings, and Artful Things
Looney Tunes #2: Greetings Earthling
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Looney Tunes #1: What’s Up Doc
Da Vinci in the Park
Sun, Sea and Sky*
The Architect’s Series #1
Mr. Owl
Rocking the Bench
Rocking the Rock
Rocking with Clyde
Rocking with Ron
Rocking with Love
Higher Education
Creek Crossings
Ode to Charlotte*
Mid-Mo Letterboxers*
Alley Cat*


ahistory said...

Gemini is also with a mile of Access Arts.

Fox-fyr said...

Thanks. Gemini is the one box within the Columbia city limits I have yet to acquire (though I have a feeling that's about to change). It's always too busy when I pass by it.

I checked the weather forecast for this weekend. So far it looks like a few showers Saturday and cloudy but hopefully drier on sunday with some more rain on Monday.

Anyone who plans on hunting boxes before or after the Gathering should plan to bring wet weather gear.

ahistory said...

Good I will go with you. In my haste to place it, I forgot to stamp it.

Who all is going hunting before and after?

Jenny J said...

Grindstone is within two miles.