Thursday, February 21, 2008

Letterboxing on the Hogwarts Express

Check out the Event Posting on Atlas Quest for the Spring Gathering:
Letterboxing on the Hogwarts Express
Be sure to RSVP on AQ.
And if you're planning on camping, make your reservations soon as campsites are limited.

Be sure to check out the Hitchhiker contest for the Gathering. The theme is Creatures in Myths and Legends. Check out the link above for more details.


ahistory said...

What a sweet picture. A sign of great things to come. I can't wait to pull my trunk up to platform 9 3/4.

OneMeanGreenBean said...

I can't wait either...I love me some Harry Potter! So many references, so little time! Oh, and what, oh what, can I do to help?

Outdoor Girls said...


Outdoor Girls are on board!!!

The B Hunters said...

The art work is unbelievable! Can't wait to be a part of it. The B HUnters