Monday, February 04, 2008

Tips for letterboxing abroad (in the U.S. at least)

Walking around D.C. between the sights and the boxes got me thinking today about how great a trip this was (a complete account to follow when I return), but I thought of a few things that made this trip better (LB-wise) than in the past so I thought I would share them.

These are some simple suggestions that I will now ollow when I try to squeeze in some boxing in the down time on business trips. Lnd-Crzr is a pro at this so I would encourage him or any others of you to feel free to add your own tips to this list.

First, post a notice a few months in advance with a couple of reminder follow ups about the visit. Give the dates of your trip and ask if anyone would want to meet for an exchange.
Also ask what local boxes are a "must visit".

Second, do thorough research. Usually you can't find the location of thye box but you can pinpoint the starting spot. Have complete directions including maps of the area if possible. Also, contact all owners asking about the status of the boxes you are considering attempting. You often find out that some clues are outdated or the boxes missing. This can help you narrow down choices and avoid some dissapointment especially if you are on a limited time visit. Also, it lets some boxers who dont read the AQ and yahoo message boards of your visit and they may want to meet for an exchange. Which bring me to my next suggestion:

Last, meet for exchanges early and often. Other than the obvious reason to meet more boxers and swap enthusiasm and stories, you'll often get tips on boxes to avoid and other boxers to contact and try to meet and maybe, if you are lucky, a few word of mouth clues.

I find if you do these general things you end up with a much more memorable time and your learn not just more about the history of the place you visit you learn about the letterboxing history and culture there as well.

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