Monday, February 18, 2008

Lock n Lock, Rubbermaid, Gladlock oh my....

Now I have seen these discussions on the national discussion lists, etc, but I don't recall any local discussion about what works in these parts. So, what containers do you find best for letterboxing and why. Have you found some common ordinary household things that make great boxes? Have you used a container that just didn't cut it for letterboxing? These are the sorts of things that I would like to know. If you can, please list the advantages and disadvantages for some of the less common containers you have used. I think this would be great information for everyone.

Some fellow letterboxers out East recently turned me on to these potential boxes. At only $1.49 for a very sturdy and waterproof 4X3 inch container, they are hard to pass up. And they have a bonus nylon loop/clip increasing their placement potential.

Happy planting,


ahistory said...

Never mind the link. Some LBers got there before even I and I got an email saying they were sold out. Darn, they looked groovy.

Lnd-Crzr said...

I've noticed some chatter on AQ about a LnL knock-off selling for a buck at some locall (I think it was FL) dollar stores. Would love to get my hands on some of thos, assumeing they work, but alas, I can't find them locally.


Fox-fyr said...

some medical containers and camping gear containers are quite waterproof as well.