Friday, May 30, 2008

I went to the Lbna website today and found myself a little flustered by all the St. Louis area boxes that are out of my family's regular stomping grounds...not that I resent those boxes, because when we happen to the eastern side of the state, I'm the first to suggest finding them. However, I wanted to suggest that the mid-MO-ers petition Mr./Ms. Lbna to add a fifth (Central MO) region to the Missouri map. This could perhaps include from north to Moberly/Macon, south to Camdenton, east to Warrenton, and west to Sedalia?

I only offer this as as an idea -- I know that the Lbna is administered by volunteers...and I don't want to take their work or time for granted -- does anyone know if we could provide some support in making such a change? Any thoughts?


ahistory said...

I know some had done this in the past. Fox-fyr had even outlined which counties should be included in Mid-MO. It seems like it might be a good time to try again.

Fox-Fyr said...

I have asked the letterboxing organizers three times to give us our own region (my suggestion my Boone and her surrounding counties, and even that will leave us at more than 150 listings.)

When I asked the first time, they said they tend to sub-divide regions after they reach about 200 boxes; however, I have noticed some regions around the country with 300,400 and even 500 listings.

Each time I've asked I've gotten a positive response that they'll do it soon. I think a few more requests, from a few more people, especially if accompanied by a small monetary donation, will help speed things along.
The person to send things to is Choi; I think I have his address somewhere at home, and if not, perhaps C2B2 does.