Friday, May 16, 2008

What ever happened to us...

...I bet a few of you are wondering. I joined the group and moved up north near Hannibal. I am so sad to see you had the lb event in JC our HOME TOWN!!! We were busy with military stuff anyway. I hope some of you enjoyed our boxes there in Binder. I hope I understand that with the event going on there...that there will be many boxes to find. We visit quite often and wouldn't mind setting out. There are many other great parks in JC. Look forward to more boxes. We really miss it.

Our little one (Tadpole) must have been 9 months when we first took her out. I packed her in a carrier and we hiked our butts off. lol. Well today was so exciting to see her, nearly three, doing her own thing in the woods. She followed daddy and offered a "be careful over there" every now and then. She really enjoyed running back up the trail before he could catch her. We had so much fun today letterboxing in Moberly.


Fox-fyr said...

I was wondering why you weren't there. Some of the boxes there will be permanent. I posted clues for 10 of them, and have one more to get on the web still. Ahistory and Lnd-Crzr still have some clues to post as well.
Will you be planting any boxes in Hannibal? I will be there near the last weekend of June to go camping and caving (anyone is welcome to join me).

Bean-Lover said...

Unfortunately, we won't have any ready by that time but we are planning to get some out. I started looking this weekend and places and emailing offices to see their policy on leaving boxes. We are actually on Mark Twain Lake in Monroe City. So I have emailed the US Army Core of Engineers about boxes at the lake. It's so beautiful and undeveloped by tourism.

We still have 6 or 7 to drop in JC. We made them last year but it's been a crazy winter...that dragged on until FOREVER!! We are hoping to get up there next week. We will see.