Friday, May 30, 2008

Retiring the stamp -- Go find it

June 17 is our 36th wedding anniversary. That means it is time to retire the special-edition 35th C2B2 running whippet stamp.

So I've made a box and plan to plant it sometime the week before our anniversary. I'll post some clues and I'm really hoping one of you will be first finder.

But go before October. Winter in Mongolia is colder than you can imagine.

I leave Saturday for a two-week study tour of Mongolia with six other MU folk and some professors from other universities. We are studying the legacy of Genghis Khan, who the Mongolians call Chingaas Khaan and the 13th century Europeans called the devil incarnate. The guy on the short-legged horse wasn't as bad as his PR folks made you think. He outlawed torture, instituted freedom of religion and set up a postal service that had no peers for 500 years or more.

I'll blog about my travels at I get back July 16 -- but Cecile heads off on a trip the same time so we will celebrate the anniversary over the phone.



ahistory said...

I think I once heard you talking about making us find a box in outer Mongolia. I should have known you were serious. I think this is one FF that will escape me.

Fox-Fyr said...

Well if Ahistory isn't going after the FF then, sure...I'll call the airlines right away...;)