Thursday, February 15, 2007

Devil's Icebox Update

Cave tour season is approaching and if you're interesting in doing a letterboxers' trip into the Icebox, I need firm commitments ASAP (preferably this weekend) so that my boss can finalize the rest of the caving schedule, including what other trips I am available to lead for the general public. (See January blog for details on the trip). E-mail me at

First, there's a slight conflict with one of the original dates I offered which is April 20. Apparently another group has received permission for a trip that evening and my boss forgot to let me know. While it is still possible for a second group to go, i would involve a few more logistics of shuttling a canoe trailer, not to mention coordinating trip start and end times with the other group. The other date I offered was April 27. Both dates are Friday nights. In light of the schedule conflict, I will also offer a third option of May 11 which is also a Friday night. This is the last weekend available before the cave closes for the summer, and is less slightly likely to be rained out than the April dates. It does not conflict with the Spring Gathering which seems will be either May 5 or May26 depending on how people answer's Lnd-Crzr's question on which date they prefer.

Second, in order for this trip to happen, I need a minimum of three people plus myself. If we have less than four, we cannot go into the cave (safety reasons). I also need to collect a $25 fee (refundable if tour is canceleddue to rain) from each person. Several people have told me that they are considering the trip but have not yet commited to a date or given me adefinite yes. If you have given me a yes for April 20 (Ahistory, Touch Trek, One Mean Green Bean), let me also know if you can go on May 11 instead. If anyone wants me to send them a pre-trip preparation packet so that they can see what a trip entails, I can do so, or you can view it on the web at www.mostateparks/rockbridge.htm . If you would like to go on the trip but are not available for any of the three dates, you can sign up for a public trip. E-mail for a schedule.


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