Friday, February 16, 2007

Letterboxing D.C. or not and other stuff

Well you know the old saying. All good plans...

I had made all the arrangements for letterboxing in D.C. I had even arranged to meet a seasoned D.C. vet, Scarab, who was interviewd on NPR about letterboxing. (

He had an incredible hunt planned for me, which had a very mission impossible like feel and semmed perfect for D.C. If you are planning to go to D.C. I would highly recommend contacting Scarab. Upon reading his starting instructions for this hunt (which I am not at liberty to disclose) I must say I had some trepidation but was willing to give it a try no matter how scary it seemed.

So, the last day of my conference I figured I would sneak out a little early, get in a few boxes and undertake his challenge and then meet up with the man himself. I am sitting in a general session listening to Senator Baucus talk about the potential for health reform (o.k. I wasn't really listening, I was actually planning out my route for later that day) when I get the news that my boss was struck by a car while running earlier that morning in D.C.

He saw it coming and jumped at the last second which probably saved his life and sent him over the top of the car instead of getting pulled underneath. After a battery of tests, he only had a few minor fractures and required no surgery. After a day at the E.R. he was finally released in a wheelchair and instructed to rest. I spent the rest of the trip working out the logistics of getting him what he needed and making the arrangements for the return trip. And in case you didn't hear, the news last night called Wednesday the worst travel day to be flying out of east coast in 5 years, so the trip home was quite eventful and very long. I was just glad we didn't fly Jetblue.

Anyway, I did try and find one box before I left, making an attempt on Radio Days. I was in the right spot but as with urban boxes, I was forced to hold my attempt due to some of the local residents sitting and staring right at the location. I waited for a while but no one moved and I had to return to my hotel and check out.

I really wish I could have more to report, but in the end I was just glad that everyone got back relatively safe and in one piece.

In other news, to celebrate the spring to come and chase off the some of my winter doldrums, I have begun a new series highlighting one of Missouri's finest and longest state parks. (Hint: if you love biking and letterboxing then this series may be for you). I may have mentioned this to a few who attended the recent winter gathering. For now the seires is word of mouth (WOM) only so if you are interested contact me via LBNA, Atlasquest, or email, and I will pass on the clues.


Lnd-Crzr said...

Sounds like that trip had great potential. sorry it didn't pan out.

I've heard the interview and am surprised 'Radio Days' is still there. The clue to it, if memory serves me correctly, was really interesting as it played off the buildings around it.

ahistory said...

It has been moved and/or replaced once I believe since the original placement. It was a neat clues which did play off some of the surrounding buildings. I could actually see the box, but as syou may or may not be aware, there are quite a few homeless people around D.C. and that park had several camped out within five feet of the box. I didn't want to be the out of towner who led to the disappearance of the box again, so I had to pass it up.
I really wish I would have been able to undertake Scarab's main challenge though. It sounded like an urban LB adventure to which few could compare.