Sunday, February 11, 2007

Unsolicited Product Endorsement

When you have dogs in your family, you are frequently out and about rain or shine, fair weather and foul. This being the case, I usually run past a box...either a hunt for yours, or a check on mine. The recent ice has added difficulty points to these efforts. I now have what appears to be one of those trendy tattoos on my lower back/upper buttock. I think it is either a sick walrus or an amorous amoeba. Unfortunately there is no thrilling story, it came from a nasty fall in my driveway. Last week I was off after one of Ahistory's quality hunts...when the dogs and I both slid willy nilly down a hill. Yesterday I found the solution to the problem at Dryer's downtown. Yak Tracks!!!! Light weight, stretchy rubber is run through a coil spring and wraps around the bottom of your shoe. easy to put don't notice any difference in walking, except that you CAN! They cost me $20, and you could probably find them on the internet for cheaper, (I wanted to go for a walk i wasn't going to wait). The only caveat is that you can't walk on concrete or hard surfaces, or you squish the coils.
Good luck and safe hunting all!

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