Thursday, February 15, 2007

Favorite Music PLBRing

Greetings all. Will winter ever release its grasp on Mid-MO? I thought the winter gathering would supply an ample LB fix to carry us through ‘til spring, but I didn’t plan on the relentlessness of Old Man Winter. Thus I present another LB undertaking that I’ve had in my back pocket for sometime.

We all love the aspect of LB which introduces us to new places or ideas, or historical lessons and so on and so on. This undertaking gives us an opportunity to share a bit of ourselves and introduces folks to something new.

The task, if you decide to play, is to create a PLB (Postal Letterbox) based on your favorite musical artist or band. Within you PLB must be either a cassette or CD (I’ll be happy to help folks burn CDs) with a minimum of three songs by your band or soloist.

I’ll be running this as a PLBRing, that is, everyone who wishes to participate must have a PLB in the ring. You’ll send your PLB, and all subsequently received PLBs to this same person. Your PLB will venture ‘round the ring until it finally makes it way back home.

To participate, simply drop me an e-mail telling me you wish to do so. You can also post a comment on this article so folks can see who’s in, but be sure to e-mail me as well. I’ll set a launch date of March 15th so all entries must be ready to mail on the March 15th. I will expect all mailings (your original and all thereafter) to purchase the optional ‘Delivery Confirmation’ (another .50 or so) so we can track any lost packages. I also expect all PLBs to be moved on to their next recipient within one week. That is, don’t hold onto them any longer than needed. Our last PLB that circulated ran silky smooth as folks shuffled them right back out the door once they got them.

Now the tough part (at least for me) is to narrow it down to one group or person. To ease this dilemma, I will allow each person two entries, that can be mailed together, but each will require their own logbook, stamp and sampling of music.

That brings up another point, once you receive a FM (Favorite Music) PLB, I do ask that you listen to at least the three samplings the creator has chosen. You may include additional tracks, but indicate in some way which are the three that you have chosen as the ‘required’ or ‘essential listening’ tracks.

Additional information such as biographies, lyrics and so on are completely open to the individual.

Hey! Lets make this a contest with fabulous prizes (again, not new car fabulous…). When you receive a FMPLB, keep a little scorecard for yourself. Once the ring is completed, I’ll call for a ‘Favorite Overall’ and a ‘Hey, That’s Good Music’ winner.

I'll place a limit of 12 entries, with Mid-MO folks taking precenedce. So hurry and let em know you want in.

I look forward with great anticipation to the eclectic mix of music which I expect for this world-class LB community!



OneMeanGreenBean said...

I'm in. It'll be hard to narrow it down...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Perdu said...

I'd like to join in if you haven't hit the maximum members for this! I sent a note to LndCrzr in AQ, don't know the actual e-mail...I see if I can find it.

The narrowing down is going to be the VERY hardest part of this...I have eclectic music tastes to say the least.