Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bad news, good news

A nasty end to one our our favorite boxes came with a great lesson that all who merely observe letterboxing are not "muggles."

I received a message on this board as a comment from on a very old post:

"I found a destroyed letterbox at the end of Wilson Street near the University of Missouri campus and at the beginning of the Rock Hill Park trail.The letterbox was left by C2B2.If you would like this letterbox returned call Eric..."

If you have searched for the Rocking and Crocking series in Rockhill Park, you may be familiar with the substantial stone monument to Mayor Clyde Wilson at the end of Wilson Street. Last week a fellow in a chemically altered state of mind barreled down Wilson at a high rate of speed, smashed the stone monument and disappeared way down the hill. The driver was not injured (apparently he was already numb) but in the debris from the wreck in front of his house, Eric Fritz found the smashed pieces of the smallest crock in the series.

Eric said he has never letterboxed, but he knew what it is and found this blog on the Web. And the rest is good history.

A tip of my hat to Eric Fritz. I'll invite him to our gathering or at least quaff a mug of rootbeer in his honor.



Lnd-Crzr said...

Not often do we hear of a save such as this. indeed, a root-beer for Eric the savior!

Fox-fyr said...

Wow. I remember sitting on that stone while we were searching for another box (having no clue I was sitting on a bonus box).
*I raise my glass in a hearty toast*
"To Eric and other would-be letterbox rescuers! Hear! Hear!"--Fox-fyr

ahistory said...

Tis sorry to hear of the demise of a local memorial and such a superb hidey hole. I am glad to hear of the good news of the boxes recovery.

My hats off to Eric, may his acts be inspiration to the rest of the noxers out there. Perhaps a few more lost LBs will turn up before spring.

McMonkey Mom said...

That is one of the craziest LBing stories I have ever heard. Many kudos to Eric the Saver of Crushed Boxes! He will be long remembered as Eric the Great!