Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Devil's icebox Wild Cave Tour

Some of you may have already received an e-mail about the following.
Once again, I am trying to organize a trip for letterboxers to visit Devil's Icebox Cave in Rock Bridge State Park. Because this is a leader request trip, it cannot be on a Saturday or a Sunday (those dates are reserved for the tours for the general public). Since most people work during the week, Fridays seem to be best. August 29 and Sept 26 are our options. If you are interested in going I need to know by June 10.

Details: $25 per person
It includes an orientation, hiking and carrying boats to the cave, about 5.5 hours in the cave, hiking and portaging back and clean up. The whole thing takes about 8 hours, and covers about 3.5 miles mostly over uneven rocky or muddy ground and in and out of water. You must be at least 14 and able to carry a 65-poun 1/4 mile over uneven terrain and up or down stairs. Participants provide three sources of light (at least one headlamp and two other headlamps or flashlights), sufficient non-cotton clothes to stay warm in a wet 56 degree environment, and shoes with excellent traction and ankle support. You must also have food, drink and a small packet to carry everything.
The park provides boats, lifejackets, paddles and helmets.
Details available at www.mostateparks.com/rockbridge.cave.htm

This is our 4th attempt (we've been rained out the first three times).
I need a minimum of four and a maximum of 10 participants in order to make the trip happen.


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Fox-Fyr said...

I've set the date as Sept. 26.
So far, I have only ahistory and Hoof'n-It (2) signed up. While that's enough to make the trip happen, it would be nice to have a few more folks along. Any more takers?