Sunday, August 06, 2006

LBNA Website

Mid Missouri Letterboxers
According to postings on the yahoo groups letterboxing board, the LbNA website will be down until they find a new server to host the site. They have outgrown the current server (good news/bad news I guess).
As for other sites...Atlas Quest is the only one that has some local clues that I have found. I will be checking there and here and hoping to control the tremors until I get access to more clues. Take care all! Touchtrek


OldeProspector said...

I have a bunch of the Columbia and Fulton LBs saved in my Palm Pilot. If anyone is looking for a particular LB that was only listed on the LbNA site, I might have it saved on my PDA. I can email it to you. I call it "Paperless Letterboxing" :) Let me know if I can help.

Clyde Bentley said...

From the Webmaster:
I've been trying to get Randy Hall to point the domain to a temporary location where we can provide info during the transition and I hope that he'll make the change soon. It should go to (temp address) but will need to be redirected again when the new service is ready. Unfortunately, it looks really bad to those that go to to see the "suspended" message and if they aren't on one of the Yahoo lists they probably have no idea what's going on.


Lnd-Crzr said...

Too bad LBNA is down. I have a stack (literally) of new LBs to post. In fact it is Volume II of the FB series. So rest assured once LBNA has returned (guess I could post to AQ) there will be plenty of fresh LBs in need of find-ation(yet another Lnd-Crzr play with 'ations').

Also working on a PLB which won't need the clues. It might provide the fix some of us need.