Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"See You On The Trail"

That saying took a new meaning last weekend. Hannah was going for a walk at our local park in the evening and a man walked by. They passed each other with a friendly Mid MO "Hello". She knew the fellow but was not completely sure. Later in the walk, she spotted this man again, but this time he had a companion. Both had backpacks. They were coming back on the trail at an unusual spot. Unusual because we have one of our LB hid up in that area. Low and behold, the next day, I recieved email conformation that LND-CRZR and FOX-FYR had found the box. And they left a HH. So be aware, the next person you pass on the trail might have the same addiction that you have. We hope we can go for a walk and, " See You On The Trail"

ABS Family


Jenny J said...

Running into other letterboxers is getting more common all the time! Take a look at Ahistory's note above. Yesterday afternoon I was hunting for a new box, sat down on a bench to scope out the proper tree, then stood up and started walking toward the brush. At the very same time someone steps out of the brush at the very spot I was heading for. He didn't look like one of the local street people, so the only other possibility was another crazy letterboxer! It was great to meet Ahistory. Although I have to admit, not yet being accustomed to meeting other LBers in box-seeking mode, I too completely forgot to ask for an exchange.

Lnd-Crzr said...

Ah-HA! I thought I recognized the face! In fact when I got back to Fox-Fyr (who was waiting in the bushes while I ran back to the car to get a HH) I told her, I just saw someone who seemed familiar and I thought it was part of the ABS clan. VERY interesting. Sorry I didn't make the full connection and comment on how much we were impressed with the LB. Well done and highly recommended.

salguod said...

We're looking forward to finding the ABS Family box(es) next time we're in MO.