Thursday, August 17, 2006

Put a penny in the box ...

I'm about to violate a good fellow's privacy for a good cause. All of you suffered through LBNA's recent computer troubles. And quite a few of you said if you had only known, you would have helped pay for the new computer resources.

Say no more. Just send a check to Choi the LBNA webmaster. His real name and address is:

John Chapman, 28 Birch Road, Andover, MA 01810.

John created and runs the site as a nonprofit. That was fine when it was a small hobby that could get by on a free site like this one. But popularity is expensive.

I'm a computer kind of guy, so I appreciate the hell he goes through just so I can have a good time. I'm sending my check. I suggest each of us send at least $1 for each box we have planted -- or better yet $1 for each box we have found. Many of us gladly spend that much on gas just driving around looking for carving material. Or looking for one of Lnd-Crzr's wild country boxes.

My students are always shocked when I explain that the Internet is not free. Operating it costs more and more daily. Most of us ride on the broad shoulders and pocketbooks of volunteers like Choi.

But there are limits to altruism. Give as you have received.



Lnd-Crzr said...

Well said Clyde. It is very telling of Letterboxing that basicly the whole hobby is based on this fellow's willingness to give without the expectation of recieveing much in return (besides the ability to go Letterboxing himself). This is one facet of Letterboxing which I love. We all put a bit of oursleves out there simply for others to enjoy. I'll be sending a check out today. Thanks for making this information public.

Fox-fyr said...

Considering how fast boxesare multiplying in Mid-Missouri, we may be our own region soon. It seems every time I log onto LBNA there's a new box. It'shard to keep up with them. Still I'd be happy to pay a fee for all this fun, so my check will be in the mail today.